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Join the Force!

Do you want to make a difference in the world? Look no further. Join the new delivery force and change the world of logistics one package at a time.

Compensation starts at 17$ an hour.


It's time to protect the earth and transport is one of the deadliest culprits. So boots on the ground and heads high, because we are here to shake things up.

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  • Delivery personnel 

  • Logistic's administrators

  • Controllers

  • Logistic's clerks

  • Solutions agents

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Commissioned Officers
  • Management positions

  • Customer care representatives

  • Marketing agents

  • Solutions experts 

  • Logistic's experts

Why work for Zügig SL&T Inc.?

Designed around student life!

The founder knows firsthand how hard it is to manage employment during your education. The company was founded with this in mind to facilitate time management and ensure you succeed professionally and academically. Below are two types of schedules you can select from to ease this stressful portion of your life.


Chose this scheduling option to have consistent shifts. However, availability changes are only applicable when a new academic schedule is in effect. 


Chose this scheduling option to build your schedule one week before you work. However, this option does not come with a minimum of hours guaranteed. 

Tuition Benefits

Once completed 200 hours in an academic semester, submit your tuition payment and the company will riembourse you up to 500$ of your semester costs.


Basic Requirements
  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Must be currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution

  • Functional bilingualism or willingness to learn French or English

  • Dependable, courteous, and responsible

  • Punctual and value time management 

Class A delivery
Class B delivery
Class C delivery
  • Full driver's licence

  • No major road infractions

Solutions agent
Logistic clerk
Controller & Administrators
  • Ability to cycle for long hours

  • Knowledge of basic bike repairs

  • Ability to stay on your feet for more than 6 hours

  • Previous sales experience

  • Go getter attitude

  • Administrative experience

  • Great customer service skills

  • Administrative experience

  • Ability to learn technology fast

  • Detail-oriented

  • Performant underpressure

*Commissioned officers are usually staff that have been promoted from within. If applying directly to a commissioned position, you will be asked to provide the reason why you believe you should skip the chain of promotions & most likely the educational barrier will be higher.


Application Process

STEP ONE: Preliminary interview 

STEP TWO: A 30 to 45-minute interview

STEP THREE: Documentation & information requests

STEP FOUR: Preparation for initiation

STEP FIVE: Evaluations & examinations include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical endurance assessment 

  • Cognitive & behavioural evaluation

  • Judgement questionnaire

  • Representation attitude test

  • Traffic & road safety exam

  • Services & products test​​

(Before this step, all those mentioned above will be explained in detail and elaborated on how to succeed.)

STEP SIX: Initiation and first work day

STEP SEVEN: Have a fantastic job as part of a great team!

Enlist Today

Your journey starts here! Request more information by submitting this form.

Do yo have a position preference?

Thanks for submitting, and we wish you the best of luck with your application.

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