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Positions we offer

All tasks at Zügig SL&T Inc. are important. You will become a contributor that has a direct impact on the success of the company. We can't wait to meet you!


Image by Isaac Owens

Delivery Class A

Drive some of the most recent advancements in electric vehicles. Currently, the Nissan Leaf 2023 is the targetted equipment. Join a team of dedicated and professional drivers.

Delivery Class B

Do you love cycling? Do it all day long. With the newest electric bikes offered on the market, exhaustion from pedalling is a story of the past. We currently use Dost bikes.

Image by Brett Jordan
Man on Electric Scooter

Delivery Class C

You've seen them everywhere. Their popularity is increasing rapidly, and we shall utilize that. Have fun driving the best e-scooters on the market to make your deliveries in the downtown core. We use the Emove Cruiser.

Logistic's Admin

Help our clients with their logistical needs. Some SME owners simply do not understand logistics, and they face difficulties when it comes to delivering their products. Be their first line of defence by assisting them remotely with our expert tools.

Working on a Computer
Businessman on Phone


Become a captain overnight, by managing your own fleet. Controllers have one of the most demanding jobs, they are in charge of dispatching and communicating with our drivers and ensuring that operations run smoothly with bilateral communication tools

Logistic Clerk

Be the company's image. By becoming a logistic clerk you are the in-person point of contact with our customers. Assisting them with everything, from order tracking to communicating with other couriers on their behalf. All you need is a smile and a friendly attitude!

Paying Customer
Sales Representative

Solutions Agent

If you love solving people's issues, this is the job for you. A solutions agent's responsibility is to problem-solve for our customers by offering our products and services.

Commissioned Officers

Business Meeting

Commissioned officers are usually employees who have outdone themselves and proven that they are capable of contributing effectively to the company.


These are mainly management and functional positions within the organization. 


These positions come with advantages such as:

  • Profit-sharing

  • Comprehensive insurance policies

  • Stock option advantages

  • Paid vacations

  • And more...

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